Artbook Review: トウカセカイ Touka Sekai – Fuyuno Haruaki Illustrations

12 Aug

トウカセカイ (Touka Sekai) is the first artbook to be commercially released by ふゆの春秋 (Fuyuno Haruaki) of Techno Fuyuno. Released on June 30th, 2012, it is A4 size and 159 pages in length.


Ooh.. shiny…

The cover of this book caught my eye right away for obvious reasons… it is highly prismatic. It’s really gorgeous in person. Usually, when I see a cover like this on anything, the contents end up being not that great. In the case of Touka Sekai, you can definitely judge a book by its cover.

Inside of the front cover flap.

The first thing in the book is a fold-out poster of the artwork used on the cover. The photo of  the cover flap here gives you a great idea of how the prismatic effect on the cover looks in person.

I hope that’s lemonade.

Fuyuno-sensei’s style is very distinguishable. His trademark is loose, sketchy linework. This is particularly evident in the hair of the characters he draws. (It always appears to be somewhat wind-blown.)


Japan’s clear umbrellas are incredibly convenient for panty shots on a windy day, huh? Umbrella girl was drawn for E2 magazine and girl at the beach (right) can be found in freenote’s SUMMER GIRL, a digitally distributed illustration book!

More Girls

Fuyuno-sensei’s comment on the girl on the left is “This is Akihabara Mansei Bridge. Girl has iPhone3Gs. Her hobby is readng books. So she is waiting for iPad & iBooks !” (Source) She’s also in Techno Fuyuno’s 制服少女、私服 (Seifuku Shoujo, Shifuku) doujinshi, with commentary and a  matching rough sketch. The varied illustrations of girls on the right were published in Dengeki Bunko magazine.

Girls with Cameras

Illustrations of girls with DSLRs are popular nowadays. Perhaps because so many otaku are figure or cosplay photographers? In fact, the right illustration was drawn for カメラ少女日和―Girls with Cameras/A Pictorial Book!

Fantasy Illustrations

The whole book isn’t just super-moe pin-ups. There’s also some pretty detailed fantasy-style illustration going on! The 2 girls on the left page were used on the cover of an album called 燐音-RINNE- by MW. The right image was a guest illustration for a doujinshi called “ProgramDaemon“.

Colorful Catgirl

This 2-page spread is my favorite, although it’s kinda tied with the cover illustration. (Cats tend to have that effect on me…)


These three cute gals were done for two different light novel covers. ぜふぁがるど (Zefagarudo/Zephyr Guard) and 桜色の春をこえて (Sakurairo no Haru wo Koete), respectively.

Light Novel Illustrations

These are all artworks done for the covers of a light novel series called 放課後の魔術師 (Houkago no Majutsushi) or “After School Magicians”.


The book also has a really fantastic fanart section! The character on the left is Saber/Nero, colloquially as 赤セイバー “Red Saber” known from the PSP game Fate/Extra. This image in particular was a guest artwork featured in the Fate/Extra visual fanbook. The right image is a group shot of the characters from Steins;Gate.

More Fanart

Here’s Mugi from K-On!, followed by a group shot from Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

Full-Color Comics

The end of the book features some gorgeous full color comics. The title pitured is フォントマスター (Font Master), originally published in Gelatin magazine for Spring of 2010. There’s also another comic after it called 水彩少女 (Suisai Shoujo), which uses a much darker color palette, but is just as beautiful.

Touka Sekai is available on for ¥2,500 (with overseas shipping available.) It is a beautiful book inside and out, and if you’re a Techno Fuyuno fan, you will most certainly be pleased with the contents.

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