“Plastic Pleasures”  is a hobby blog run by a random geeky chick who goes by the pen name of Riven.

Hello folks!  First of all, thanks a wallop for visiting this blog. My name’s Riven and I’m an artist and graphic designer who lives in the United States. I currently work as a letterer (typesetter) for Digital Manga Guild (I’m part of a localizing group Diogenes Club) and I’m looking for a full-time freelance position lettering Japanese comics in English.

As a hobby, I collect and review artbooks (in any language) and doujinshi. I also collect PVC figures, anime-themed rubber stamps and anything that has to do with Disney’s Darkwing Duck. I study Japanese in my free time, which I prefer to do through a process of  immersion more than anything else. I am also a really big gamer. My all-time favorite games include Xenogears, Dragon Age: Origins, Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Cross and Kingdom Hearts. I’ve also played World of Warcraft regularly since its very first public beta test.

Who are my favorite doujinshi artists?  Carnelian, Dmyo (now known as Shirahane Nao), Izumi Tsubasu, Yamaguchi Shinji, Tinkle, Kantoku and Riv… just to name a few!

Well, that’s about it for me. I hope that through my blog you can discover a new artist whose work you really love. Have fun!

~ Riven

Wanna donate a book for me to review? Here’s my JP Amazon Wishlist.

Manga I have worked on localizing:
Cheap Chase by Asahi Shima (Yaoi)
Kizu-Ato by Asahi Shima (Yaoi)
Reset by Asahi Shima (Yaoi)
Moonlight Kreuz by Yasumi Hazaki (Shoujo, Comedy)

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  1. gensodo November 3, 2010 at 2:15 pm #

    Hello, Konnichiwa

    I read one comment on Claritism website from you, it was about the artist ‘shiitake (gensodo). I just would like to invite you visiting the Gensodo store and free galleries ^^

    I’m the gensodo webmaster and shiitake partnership.
    Here is the address :

    thank you very much for supporting the artists.

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