Welcome to the blog.

3 Nov

It has long been a goal of mine to create a blog exclusively for the purpose of sharing my hobbies and interests with others on the web. In the past, I’ve attempted this and failed miserably. There’s no doubt that I love blogging, although I’m sure the quality of my writing leaves much to be desired. More importantly, however, is my love of talking about the things I enjoy, so perhaps without further ado I can introduce you to yet another of my many attempts to create an interesting public blog.

I chose the name “Plastic Pleasures” because a great deal of the things I enjoy are ultimately made of plastic. While plastic is indeed a useful material, it is often associated with things that are superficial or inane. Am I saying that my hobbies are superficial? Perhaps they are. Perhaps they are not. The most valuable things in the world certainly are not made of plastic, but those made with it ARE an awful lot of fun, and that is what this blog is going to be about.

Like any decent human being, I enjoy reading, movies, music and their many incarnations thereof. More specifically, I’m an avid fan of anime and manga, Japanese culture, video games and animation in general. I’m also an artist in addition to being a lover and collector of art. I consider all of these things my hobbies and things I definitely see myself discussing here in this blog.

I hope things turn out to be interesting.

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