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Doujinshi Review: “Ruellia Tea Garden” by phanky berry beats

27 Jun

“Ruellia Tea Garden” is a B5-sized, 20 page full-color doujinshi by 斉藤アキ (Saitoh Aki) of the doujinshi circle “phanky berry beats“. A popular theme among Japanese artists is to create 擬人化 ( gijinka ) or anthropomorphized incarnations of popular objects, creatures or themes. Oftentimes, these anthropomorphizations are in the form of 萌え ( moe ) girls. This particular doujinshi does just that with tea, and presents each girl alongside facts about that particular type of tea.

Ruellia Tea Garden - Cover


I’m not certain which tea the cover girl represents, but I am going to go with Rose.

Ruellia Tea Garden - Menu

Le Menu

The index page is very appropriately labeled as the “menu.”

Ruellia Tea Garden - Darjeeling


The first tea presented is Darjeeling. In addition to the illustration of the tea personified, there are facts about the tea itself (such as color and flavor) followed by which months of the year the 1st, 2nd and Autumnal flushes of Darjeeling take place.

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