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Doujinshi Review: “16billions” by Happy Xpec Friends

29 Jun

“16 Billions” is a beautifully presented Fate/Zero fan book by a group of Chinese artists who go by “Happy Xpec Friends” or “HXF” for short.

16billions by Happy Xpec Friends

Cover Illustration by STARshadowmagician

16billions is printed in a B5-sized horizontal format and consists of 44  full color pages.

16billions by Happy Xpec Friends

Sewn Binding

Most interestingly, the booklet has a sewn binding rather than a stapled one. +10 for presentation! While I didn’t photograph it, the cover of the book also has flaps with shiny red metallic embossing. It’s kind of like an imitation dust jacket. The paper that the whole book is printed on is also quite thick!

16billions by Happy Xpec Friends

Illustration by STARshadowmagician

This is the full wrap-around illustration used on the cover, which I found on STARshadowmagician’s pixiv. (Original Post)

16billions by Happy Xpec Friends

Cover Art, up close!

The first piece of artwork in the book is the same art used on the cover itself. It spans two pages and shows all of the main characters. I think I prefer it with the red sky, don’t you?

16billions by Happy Xpec Friends

Red Saber by STARshadowmagician

Even though it is specifically listed as a Fate/Zero fanbook, there’s some cameos by the popular video game versions of Saber in it as well. Here’s a pretty sweet Red/Nero Saber from the PSP game Fate/Extra. I love the chibi Caster on the right!

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